According to a report from IHS Global Insight, the oil and gas industry will need almost 3 million workers by 2020 which is almost double the demand from the industry in 2012.  There is, and will continue to be, a great opportunity to get into this highly lucrative business.

Some of this demand comes from the sheer number of new rigs but that’s not the whole story.  Some oil and gas companies are faced with losing a forth of their workers because of the aging population of current employees.  These two factors are leading companies to have a real sense of urgency to find qualified employees now and be forward-thinking so as to prepare for the increased demand.

Because of this “Great Crew Change”, as it is known, companies are finding a shortage of skilled workers so they are offering to train some of the next-generation workforce.  Overall, the industry is scrambling to catch up with the demands and are focused on training and retaining new oil field workers for the future.    This is good news for any job-seeker that is willing to go through the training as it is possible to make 75+K in the first year alone.  This applies to graduates and even newcomers to oil and gas industry.

Some of the bigger companies, like BP and GE, are taking initiative to focus on recruiting and training recent college graduates.  Both of these companies have programs that are specifically aimed at attracting and training recent college graduates.  Engineers of all kinds will have many options as companies are even looking outside their industry for engineers.  The gap between who is leaving the industry and new graduates coming into the oil and gas industry, is a sizable one.  Not only that, but those who are leaving, due so with the much needed experience that forms the largest issue for companies trying to expand and take advantage of this current oil boom.

Another way that the oil and gas industry is dealing with the shortage of workers, is to recruit women into the industry.  This is a great, untapped pool of workers that will certainly help ease the pain in this transition.  The real issue and obstacle here is to make the industry more attractive to the female workforce.

Among the most needed oil and gas industry jobs is and will be truck drivers.  Oil field truck drivers are in high demand and will remain that way for the foreseeable future.   The reason that drivers are so high in demand is that there are many things that needs to be move to, away from or moved around the rigs.  Drivers are not only carrying crude oil but water, sand and various equipment that aids in the process of drilling for oil.

The growth and development of the oil and gas industry in the U.S. and particularly in Texas, will depend primarily on finding oil field workers.  So if you are finding it tough out there in the job market, grab your boots, come to Texas and start a new lucrative job in the oil fields!