CNNMoney and PayScale recently released their list of the nation’s 100 best jobs, and several oil field jobs made it into the coveted rankings. The two organizations ranked jobs on the basis of pay, growth and work satisfaction.

The current energy boom, which has produced hundreds of thousands of oil and gas jobs in the U.S., obviously has powered growth possibilities for those working in the industry both in terms of advancement and salary increase.

The state of Texas, for instance, has become almost a new gold rush type of state, with oil field jobs in Texas abundant and well paying. From the new advancements in fracking throughout the Eagle Ford Shale region in east Texas to the renewed output in the Permian Basin in west Texas, oil and gas jobs in Texas have never been so popular and available.

The seven oil and gas jobs that made it on to the CNNMoney/PayScale list were:

  • Energy analyst, with a growth rate of nearly 20% anticipated over the next 10 years, and median pay around $70,000.
  • Environmental engineer, which had an even higher pay rate and a stronger growth rate, weighing in at $82,100 as median pay and a 21.9% growth rate over the next decade.
  • Geotechnical engineer, a job that had very similar growth rates and salaries to energy analyst and environmental engineer, with its top pay of $113,000 ranking a bit above those two.
  • Geophysicist, a job requiring extensive education, but paying off nicely as a worker advances, with a top pay of $255,000 and a growth rate of 17.8%.
  • Petroleum engineer, another booming field with booming pay, topping out at $278,000, with many more positions open in coming years at a 17% growth rate.
  • Reservoir engineer, similarly high paying and growing, with a median salary at $179,000.
  • Petroleum geologist, an extremely necessary vocation, because companies need to know where the oil and gas is and how much will be there in all likelihood as they start to drill and frack. As a result, this interesting job was ranked all the way up to #6 on the list, with a median pay of $189,000 and a whopping 21.2% growth rate over the next ten years, the highest-ranking oil and gas job on the list.

Many oil and gas companies in Texas and other states are actually unable to hire all of the people they need in a timely fashion. Because of this, many are turning to reliable staffing organizations to meet their personnel needs. Hiring workers through a staffing company holds many advantages for oil and gas companies that are preoccupied with matters other than hiring as the energy boom continues.

One job in particular demand in the oil and gas industry is that of driver, and if current pay rates and advancement continue to hold true, this position will rank high in satisfaction and compensation. Perhaps it will even make it onto the next CNNMoney/PayScale rankings of best jobs in the country.